The WRFL exists to provide an enjoyable, gender-relevant pathway for women to take up fishing as a pastime/sport, or to build and develop their fishing skills to a higher level, in a non-threatening environment.

The League makes “beginning” as a fisher less daunting, opening our sport up to a pool of women who may otherwise never pick up a rod.

It also brings together a network of talented and skilled female anglers to mentor, share, encourage and celebrate each and every member’s progress — whether taking first steps on their fishing journey or taking out a tournament. The WRFL thrives through the recognition that every angler still has more to learn — and so we are all equal.

Women are important to recreational fishing as the thought leaders for the young. WRFL empowers women to not only fish independently for themselves, but to mentor children into our pastime with a mindset of sustainability and environmental stewardship.


Through our membership, the WRFL forges a stronger family fishing culture in Australia, along with increased enjoyment for couples who fish together.

Empowered, capable female fishers are naturally more supportive of their fishing partners, providing greater opportunity for everyone to fish, without that age old issue of “seeking permission from the non-fishing missus”. LET THOSE DAYS BE GONE!

Our goal is to see Recreational Fishing benefit from increased participation, a greater proportion of educated and sustainability-minded participants and the on-going development of female leaders in all aspects of our sport, across the country.

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Seeds of an Idea

The first iteration of The Barra’Prentice took to the waters of Corroboree Billabong in the Top End of the Northern Territory to compete in the SWB Barra Challenge.


Proving the Model

The Barra’Prentice program is proven with a double-header in the SWB Barra Challenge, taking out the Champion Team and Champion Angler gongs.

Encouragement flows in from all quarters to find a way to take the Barra’Prentice training program to more than one woman at a time.


Birth of a League

The leap is made! The Women’s Recreational Fishing League is born. Fundraising begins to build the foundations that will shape the WRFL for the future.


State Leagues

Australian women are nothing if not passionate! It took no time at all for WRFL State Leagues to start shaping up. Every state in Australia has its own fledgling League by the end of 2022.

The inaugural XFactor woMENTORnament is also held in this year. The BassX 2022 tested our mentoring tournament format and proved successful, paving the way for our signature fishing tournaments to be rolled out across the country, once a Foundation Partner is secured.


The Partner Hunt

Highly valued sponsorships and support are in place from many and various wonderful businesses from the corporate and fishing sector. But the hunt is on for the all-important FOUNDATION PARTNER, who will empower the Women’s Recreational Fishing League to leverage its momentum, develop further programs and take those enjoyed by NSW/VIC women to all other State Leagues.

Our Foundation Partner will enable us to flourish. Get in touch if you think you know who they are.

At The Helm

Every organisation is only as strong as the crew behind the wheel. The WRFL boasts a committee of dedicated and passionate women with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. Take a moment to meet the team…


PO Box 3042