Sowing the Seeds of Synonymity

Growing with the women’s recreational fishing movement in Australia


Navigating into the pivotal space of the Women’s Recreational Fishing League (WRFL) offers brands an unmatched opportunity to not just contribute but to also become integral and synonymous with the burgeoning women’s fishing community in Australia. This organic and dynamic alignment with the WRFL will ensure brands are viewed not merely as sponsors but as steadfast supporters and enablers of the passions and aspirations of Australian women who are enthusiastic about recreational fishing.

This opportunity to become deeply embedded within the Australian women’s recreational fishing psyche offers fertile ground for nurturing long-lasting brand loyalty.

When a brand aligns closely with a burgeoning community, it essentially grows with it, weaving itself into the fabric of its narrative and shared experiences. This opportunity to become deeply embedded within the Australian women’s recreational fishing psyche offers fertile ground for nurturing long-lasting brand loyalty. The relationship forged is not transactional but transformational, as the brand becomes a celebrated participant in the community’s triumphs, explorations, and shared love for the sport of fishing and all its intrinsic benefits — self-reliance, self-confidence, self-belief… and the greatest catch of all: empowerment.

The Ripple Effect

Moreover, in aligning with the WRFL, brands engage with a demographic that is not only passionate but also influential within their circles, thus creating a ripple effect of brand affinity and loyalty. These women are leaders, decision-makers, and trendsetters in their communities and families. By supporting their passion for fishing, brands inadvertently champion values such as empowerment, resilience, and community, which resonate deeply with broader audiences, fostering a positive and robust brand image.

Tattoo’d On The Hearts Of Inspired Women

A collaboration with the WRFL is therefore not just a sponsorship but a partnership in true sense, encapsulating shared values and a joint commitment to fostering a vibrant community of women anglers. As the League continues to gain traction, brands that join hands early will enjoy the advantage of being pioneers, setting a benchmark for commitment and support towards women’s recreational fishing in Australia. This early adoption and consistent support will indelibly etch the brand’s name in the annals of the women’s fishing community, becoming a beacon of encouragement and empowerment for aspiring and seasoned female anglers alike.

Surf The Rising Wave Of Women’s Sport

In this era where consumers are leaning towards brands that stand for something more, aligning with the WRFL provides a golden opportunity to not only ride the wave of growing interest in women’s sport but to also become a defining part of this exciting narrative unfolding on the global stage, and now in Australian waters. With every cast and catch, your brand could be right there, making a splash with the extraordinary women of the WRFL. The journey of support begins, and the rewards, both in terms of brand loyalty and the joy of being part of a movement so unshakably empowering, are boundless and deeply fulfilling.

Anchor Up to the Hearts of Australian Women

— The Women’s Recreational Fishing League and Opportunities for Brands Who Champion Them.

Amidst the seemingly unstoppable global momentum of women’s sport, the Women’s Recreational Fishing League (WRFL) in Australia is making waves of their own, offering brands distinctive sponsorship opportunities whilst fostering loyalty with a burgeoning community for passionate women who find empowerment through their fishing endeavours — whether they’re just discovering the transformative powers of this age-old pastime, or are accomplished anglers honing their commpetitive and leadership skills in a traditionally male domain. The WRFL is unique in the world… as are the opportunities they offer sponsors.

Our Mission

  • To provide a safe and inspirational women’s recreational fishing organisation.
  • To empower women to be self-reliant.
  • To increase the overall participation of women in our sport.
  • To provide recreational fishing skills training, support, camaraderie, and mentorship for Australian women.
  • To increase the profile and recognition of women in recreational fishing.
  • To improve the social licence of recreational fishing in Australia through excellence and stewardship.
  • To develop future leaders in recreational fishing.
  • To foster an ethos of sustainability and habitat restoration that ensures a strong recreational fishing future.
  • To develop thought leaders who inspire future generations of Australian fishers.

Who Lines Up In This World-First Initiative?

Casting A Broad Net: WRFL’s Emergence and Promise

Launched in 2020, the WRFL is not just a world-first sporting initiative but a commitment to equality, inclusivity, and community in the recreational fishing sector of Australia. With an articulate vision and digital-first approach, it promises long-term success and robust partnerships, drawing attention from brands interested in connecting with a dedicated audience of mature, passionate Australian women and their families.

A League of Their Own: Understanding WRFL’s Audience

To navigate the waters of successful sponsorships, understanding the demographics of WRFL’s expanding fan base and membership is paramount. The League predominantly appeals to women between 35 to 60, many of whom are deeply involved in their communities, tech-savvy, and have a substantial influence over their family’s purchasing decisions.

Brands looking to engage with this demographic will find value in crafting campaigns that resonate with themes of empowerment, community, and the joys and well-being and self-efficacy garnered through recreational fishing. Tapping into this audience requires a synergy of digital marketing strategies and grassroots initiatives, with a keen understanding of the passions, drivers, and preferences of adult Australian women.

Regional Spotlight: Engaging Differently Across Territories

Different regions exhibit subtle variations in fan engagement. In New South Wales, for instance, there’s a significant interest in environmental conservation and sustainable fishing practices among the WRFL fans. Brands aligning with these values are likely to find a receptive audience in this region.

In contrast, Queensland fans show a keen inclination towards family-oriented fishing outings and experience. Brands can make a significant impact by sponsoring family-friendly tournaments, workshops, and exhibitions that promote recreational fishing as an inclusive family affair… of course, the League sits at the heart of this space.

Through sponsoring the League, brands can nuance their messaging to engage with Australia’s most valuable decision-making demographic whilst being recognised as the enabler of their personal growth.

Charting the Course

With these insights, brands can craft informed and impactful marketing strategies in partnership with the League. Recreational fishing is an intrinsically empowering activity for women and having a hand in providing that empowerment is akin to giving lifelong freedom as a gift. It’s unforgettable.

We invite you to explore how we can work with you to leverage the League for your success.

Awash with Opportunities

As the Women’s Recreational Fishing League continues to grow, the sponsorship prospects it offers are bountiful. For brands willing to dive deep and align with the League’s vision, the potential for creating meaningful connections with a dedicated audience of Australian women, their friends, and families is immense. Through thoughtful and engaging sponsorships, brands can not only promote their products but also support a League that stands for empowerment, activation, community, and the timeless joy of fishing.

Our Programs

Participation Pathways

Our BIG VISION is a nation where the gender neutrality of recreational fishing is not only recognised, but evident on the waters — where we see as many women as men benefitting from the litany of life benefits inherent in the sport. Our true mission is to make female-only fishing categories irrelevant, so we can drop our W and become a sporting league for every fisho.

XFactor woMENTORnaments

 XFactor woMENTORnaments may be gender specific, but they are NOT sexist. Our format recognises that the perceived gender bias in fishing is cultural and societal. It’s not inherent in our sport. Unfortunately, the beliefs forged across a lifetime create significant barriers to entry… and we’re here to smash them down and forge a new national narrative.

XFactor Tournaments are the springboard.

Virtual League Nights
Motivation & Education

Like any sporting league, regular catch-ups are vital for maintaining a strong sense of tribe and community. Ours happen every month, harnessing the networking power of video chat to keep us connected across the nation. These popular events feature inspirational speakers, gamified fishing quizzes, prize announcements for our app-based fishing competitions and member draws.

Leading Ladies
Training & Development

Financial Members of the League have to option of registering for leadership training, applicable to their future in the recreational fishing space, as well as their broader lives.

This program is designed to shore up succession in the League, develop influential talent for the sector, and inspire consideration of career opportunities and potential in recreational fishing as part of our mission to achieve gender equity in our industry.

One size does NOT fit all.

Trust us. As women, there’s nothing we’re more sure of!

As a League, we’re set to compliment your needs, no matter how unique. In fact, we celebrate uniqueness! No-one craves BLAND. That’s why we don’t have sponsorship packages. Instead, we have an interest in what you’re striving to achieve, the targets you’re chasing down, and your vision for the future. We also have a world of inspiring assets that could mix and match to craft the perfect bespoke marketing partnership for your brand.

Gear & Prize Sponsorship Opportunities

Step one in cutting through the cacophony of brands vying for our valuable demographics discerning attention is getting them to hold and try your product. We have ongoing opportunities for samples batches or larger distribution, directly into the hands of Australian women, whether as prizes or test products.

Exclusive Foundation Sponsor

A diamond opportunity exists to co-brand this national sporting league and become synonymous with the rapidly growing sorority of Australian women’s fishing. Hooking in during this growth phase of the League affords a level of steerage and collaboration that is a genuine rarity in sporting sponsorships.

Corporate Sponsorship

Experiences, adventures, empowerment, reward. Corporate sponsors of the League have the opportunity to leverage meaningful personal growth opportunities by branding events, prize categories, awards, even crafting entire experiences to emphasise their message. 

League Sponsors

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