Our Mission

  • Provide a safe and inspirational women’s recreational fishing organisation. 
  • To empower women to be self-reliant
  • Increase the overall participation of women in our sport. 
  • Provide recreational fishing skills training, support, camaraderie and mentorship for Australian women. 
  • Increase the profile and recognition of women in recreational fishing. 
  • Improve the social licence of recreational fishing in Australia through excellence and stewardship.
  • Develop future leaders in recreational fishing.
  • Foster an ethos of sustainability and habitat restoration that ensures a strong recreational fishing future.
  • Develop thought leaders who inspire future generations of Australian fishers.
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Our mandate is to break down the barriers to entry for women and girls interested in fishing, to mentor them along their fishing journey, hone the skills of tournament anglers and improve the transfer of skills and knowledge to the next generation, through structured training as well as online networking.

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