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pledged to support women’s fishing in australia

pledged to support women’s fishing in australia

Regardless how self-reliant, empowered and resilient we become, every girl loves a knight in shining armour. And goodness knows, we all need them at the moment!

For us in the Women’s Recreational Fishing League, our knights come in the form of sponsors. Without them, we have nothin’. Their message to us is “Go forth and FISH!” So let’s do that… and whilst we’re out there, let’s make sure those supporting us know how much we appreciate them! Your quest is not only to be the best version of your (fishing) self that you can be, but to find as many ways as possible to reflect love back to our sponsors.

















Seicon Consulting Group















This sponsorship opportunity has not be snapped up yet! Our Foundation Sponsor receives ultimate placement on our fishing jerseys (logo on chest in lock-up with the WRFL motif) plus large across the shoulders. Their logo is also placed on all Official Members merchandise for the duration of their contract, all event paraphernalia and all communication collateral and additional promotional partnerships can be added to suit. This is a monetary sponsorship of $80K that shores up the logistical capacity of  the Women’s Recreational Fishing League.If you believe partnering with the League as our Foundation Sponsor could lead to mutual benefit, please get in touch! Let’s talk.



Opportunities exist to join our list of Premium Sponsors, who receive broad logo placement on our fishing jersey sleeves and relevant merchandise and collateral.  Premium Sponsors can pick and choose what, where and how they sponsor — whether single events or run-of-the-League; monetary, expertise or product. Their logo is placed on all relevant merchandise, marketing, communications and event paraphernalia for the duration of their contract, and additional promotional opportunities can be developed and added to suit. This level of sponsorship is valued at an equivalent of $10K+ per year. If you believe partnering with the League as one of our Premium Sponsors could lead to mutual benefit, please get in touch! Let’s talk.

We are very grateful for the unwavering support from these sponsors too!





Can We Help Show How Much YOU Value Fishing In Australia?

Sponsoring the Women’s Recreational Fishing League gets you more than a logo on some gear. It gets you SOCIAL RECOGNITION IN OUR SPORT! It speaks volumes about your belief in the value of women’s fishing, your investment in the industry and your commitment to the future of recreational fishing in this country. Benefit from being with us from the beginning.


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