Our Innovative Programs

We’re dedicated to inspiring greater female participation in recreational fishing, unlocking the myriad benefits our sport has to offer. From psychological well-being to physical health, and from personal growth to shared relationships, our programs and initiatives are designed to create meaningful connections and unforgettable experiences on and off the water.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or still toying with the idea of dipping your toes into the world of fishing, there’s something for everyone here. Join us as we cast off stereotypes, break down barriers, and celebrate the joy of fishing together.

Discover the excitement of our virtual gatherings, where you can connect with fellow anglers during our monthly VLNs (Virtual League Nights). Dive into our ongoing app-based fishing competitions, where every day on the water is a chance to win. And don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the thrill of tournament fishing with Project 5050, our collaborative initiative aimed at balancing gender participation in our sport.

With the Women’s Recreational Fishing League, you’ll embark on a journey of empowerment, growth, and shared experiences. Join us and unleash the positive impact of recreational fishing in your life today!

Sharing Self-Belief on International Women’s Day

March 8th is a global celebration of women’s achievements and a call to action for gender equality. At the Women’s Recreational Fishing League, we’re all about empowerment, which is why we’ve launched National Fishonista Day.

This special day is designed to honour and share the empowerment and self-reliance that comes through taking up fishing as a sport. National Fishonista Day is our unique tribute to the strength, resilience, and camaraderie women forge through their fishing. It’s a chance to showcase the joy and personal growth found in this incredible sport. Join us in celebrating women’s achievements and empowering more women to experience the plethora of well-being benefits inherent in our incredible pastime.


Providing a Casting Platform to the Life of a Pro-Angler

Project 5050 is a groundbreaking collaboration between the WRFL and industry visionaries: Bluefin Aluminium Boats, Mercury Avator, MotorGuide, and Garmin. Together, we’re reinvigorating Australia’s fishing landscape by balancing gender participation in our beloved sport.

At the heart of this initiative is our all-electric fishing boat, “5050”, providing a unique tournament training platform. Now, you can experience the thrill of tournament fishing and get a taste of what it’s like to be a pro-angler… without the hefty investment.

Everyone’s A Winner, Baby...


Don’t let the concept of a League Ladder intimidate you. Ours is fished in flat waters, meaning the “playing field” is level.

Our unique scoring system rewards every “legal” fish (or where there is no minimum size limit, then we specify a easily catchable one), with scoring increments to our nominated trophy size of that species. It’s all in our special algorithm designed to keep you cheering, high-fiving and motivated.

As an example, on our ladder a 71cm flathead would earn 59 points, but would be easily beaten by a 40cm (fork length) yellowfin whiting, worth a cool 87 points! A 90 cm (fork length) snapper would be worth 109 points, just pipping a 65cm (fork length) Australian salmon, worth 100 points… aren’t you glad the algorithm does the math?


The Ultimate Fishing Showdown

Get ready for the most enthralling and inspiring fishing competition you’ve ever experienced — Australia’s Reel Gauntlet! This revolutionary fishing extravaganza is a world-first concept that will inspire the imagination of everyday fishers and ignite a thrilling battle for personal and home-state glory.

Each state has a single, legendary fishing sponsor who’ve stumped up $2k+ each in prizes for their state’s Golden Rod! With support from iconic businesses like Shimano, Compleat Angler, Reel Action Lures, Hard North Apparel, Boss Outdoor, Squidgies, and G.Loomis, why would you pass on the cast?

How does a men’s comp help us achieve our goal of inspiring more women to pick up the rod? Simple… PRIDE! Whilst state team spots are limited to 50 fellas, states can boost their teams and points by encouraging female anglers to join the WRFL and compete in the ongoing League Ladder Championship. Bona fide WRFL members automatically contribute their fishing points to their home state’s score. There are no limits to the number of participating WRFL members in each team.

Brace yourself for a fun-filled year that will leave you hooked from the first cast to the final catch!

Our Signature Mentoring Tournaments

In keeping with our goal to see Australia’s recreational fishing future shored-up by genuine gender equity in participation by 2050, the Women’s Recreational Fishing League has developed a unique tournament format — the woMENTORnament.

Our tournaments are single species, which are selected for the state in which each event is run. You will recognise them all by their “XFactor” branding, where the X represents the female chromosome.

Don’t be fooled, though… XFactor woMENTORnaments may be gender specific, but they are NOT sexist. Our format recognizes that the perceived gender bias in fishing is cultural and societal. It’s not inherent in our sport. Unfortunately, the beliefs forged across a lifetime create significant barriers to entry… and we’re here to smash them down!

How do XFactor Tournaments help break down barriers?

XFactor Tournaments are uniquely designed to reward mentorship between self-sufficient anglers and those seeking to expand their skills. They run like a tradition Pro-Am, with the slight difference of creating a need for both rods to be productive. This encourages attention from the more capable fisher.



FisherQuest is for everyone… and it’s FREE! No membership required. Think of it as a treasure hunt, because your fishing moments = treasured memories.


The most fun you can have off the water.

Join us for a thought-provoking and educational evening of camaraderie and fishing fervour at our monthly VLNs (Virtual League Nights). These virtual gatherings are your link to your community, with engaging speakers, entertaining quizzes, League updates, and various prize opportunities, including our Members’ Draw. Plus, cheer on the seven winners of our previous month’s app-based state Sprints as they spin-up their prizes!

Mark your calendars for the second Wednesday of every month and secure your spot by registering early.

It’s a girls night you won’t want to miss!

Can We Help Show How Much YOU Value Fishing In Australia?

Sponsoring the Women’s Recreational Fishing League gets you more than a logo on some gear. It gets you SOCIAL RECOGNITION IN OUR SPORT! It speaks volumes about your belief in the value of women’s fishing, your investment in the industry and your commitment to the future of recreational fishing in this country. Benefit from being with us from the beginning.


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