What is an XFactor woMENTORnament?

In keeping with our goal to see Australia’s recreational fishing future shored-up by genuine gender equity in participation by 2050, the Women’s Recreational Fishing League has developed a unique tournament format — the woMENTORnament.

Our tournaments are single species, which are selected for the state in which each event is run. You will recognise them all by their “XFactor” branding, where the X represents the female chromosome.

Don’t be fooled, though… XFactor woMENTORnaments may be gender specific, but they are NOT sexist. Our format recognises that the perceived gender bias in fishing is cultural and societal. It’s not inherent in our sport. Unfortunately, the beliefs forged across a lifetime create significant barriers to entry… and we’re here to smash them down!

How do XFactor Tournaments help break down barriers?

XFactor Tournaments are uniquely designed to reward mentorship between self-sufficient anglers and those seeking to expand their skills. They run like a tradition Pro-Am, with the slight difference of creating a need for both rods to be productive. This encourages attention from the more capable fisher.

Mentors compete against fellow mentors, while mentees compete in the mentee category. And to ensure all mentees board their first boat with the foundations of fishing self-reliance, they all participate in an intensive full day WRFL Signature Fishing Clinic on the day before lines in!

Who can Participate?

XFactor Tournaments are open to all pledged Supporters and Members of the Women’s Recreational Fishing League who are women (including all who identify as women) of 16 years or older.

How do you score points?

Each fish of the target species landed in a XFactor Tournament is measured, photographed, and documented through the Womens Rec Fishing League app. All anglers are taught the correct best practice methods for handling the species to ensure survivability and all fish caught are released.

Points are calculated through our scoring algorithm and the leaderboard is available during the social events on each day.

XFactor Tournaments provide stepping stones that allow women to build their confidence and skills in fishing — breaking down preconceived beliefs of the sport being a male domain — building an experiential pathway to feeling empowered to fish happily alongside their fellow fishers, regardless of gender.



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28 June 2024

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